Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trying to restock my shop without spending $$

Somehow I have let my shop inventory get VERY low...currently I have 25 items for sale (I once had over 50!). I have vowed to use up my current stash of fabrics and trims before I go out and buy anything new, so it has become my new challenge to see what I can do with what I already have! The only thing I have purchased since my self-imposed fabric freeze was a bolt of fusible fabric interfacing (I was completely out, and this is what I use to stiffen the fabrics for purses and other items) and metal swivel hooks (These I use as key clips in my purses and also as clips on my cell phone holders, and had none left). 

At first I was a little upset that I have not had a sale lately, which was what spurred on my thriftiness. But now I have begun digging through my tubs and tubs of various fabrics, and am excited to see what I can do with some of these wonderful fabrics I had forgotten I had! I can't wait to create some fabulous new items to stock my shop with! Keep your eye out for some new things being posted!

Also, I am at 1633 fans currently! I know I just had a giveaway at 1500 fans, and at the rate I am going I will be nearing 2000 soon, and I plan on another great giveaway then! So suggest me to your friends and we will be there in no time!

Thanks again for everyone's wonderful support!

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  1. I have also PROMISED myself no new fabric!! It's hard, but I do have WAY too much, so here's to getting creative!!